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The Ultimate Visualizer.

Text-based communication is not enough. Redefine the way you work. Collaborate, express, convey, and influence using BeeCanvas - the whiteboard collaboration platform.

Your canvas — where the magic happens

You’re more creative than you think. Unlock your creativity by visualizing, even if you’re not a designer. You can share your ideas on a single page, clearly and simply.

Visual but still manageable.

Before BeeCanvas, visualization was limited to creative work and was not easy to implement or manage in an everyday workflow. We believe there should be no trade-off between visual expression and efficiency. With BeeCanvas, you can turn your tasks, projects, topics, and agendas into visual canvases.

The Visual counterpart
for every non-visual platform

Visualization is not only for designers or creatives.
Visualization is incredibly powerful in conveying our ideas more clearly than ever before. Think, articulate, and collaborate visually. Visual collaboration is the body language of digital collaboration; going beyond language, custom, and context.

Reinvent the way you work

Forget the back and forth of endless messaging. Exchange ideas quickly and simply. Communicate any ideas as if you were together in the same room. Collaborate confidently anytime, anywhere.

BeeCanvas | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration