Too many tools?
Too many back-and-forths?

It's time to build the common ground between remote teams.
The only place to truly work together across roles without juggling many tools.
BeeCanvas, your first remote workspace that combines simple project management with whiteboards.

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Users love us.

BeeCanvas is a quick solution to visually lay out a bunch of information for understanding organization, development & management. BC replaces paper!
BeeCanvas is one place to capture all of my thoughts. Whether it’s a podcast, PDF, tweet, phrase, drawing, text, or product. I can put it all in one place AND give commentary on it.
BeeCanvas combines the advantages of trello, mural and powerpoint. Very useful work with clients.
BeeCanvas is not just an online whiteboard. All the other whiteboard tools just try to duplicate the experience of a whiteboard. BeeCanvas is everything.
I can convey images and messages quickly, can get people into a project quickly. It just works. It works a lot better.
BeeCanvas is the most efficient way you can get a variety of data points into a single dashboard where all the user has to do is to glance at the screen and he knows exactly what is going on and what he needs to do. A seamless interface from the screen to brain.

Your workflow. Evolved.

Bring your communication back to life.
Turn your tedious text threads into visual presentations— No design skill required.

BeeCanvas | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration