BeeCanvas | The All-In-One Visual Workspace

BeeCanvas is a new productivity tool that revolutionizes traditional notes, whiteboards, and meeting rooms into a richer online canvas.

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Share your ideas easier than ever

Express your ideas, stay engaged, and get your team on the same page.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Did you know that our brain doesn't naturally structure ideas? In fact, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Still, most of the tools we use are text-based. Leave those text-only tools in the past. BeeCanvas is a visual workspace that offers you a faster and more intuitive way to express your ideas—visually

We're doing for collaboration what Slack did for communication

Everyone knows about great task management tools and messengers like Slack and Asana. Despite this, we spend a lot of our time in offline meetings as current tools just aren't enough for any real collaboration. BeeCanvas will save you time by replacing offline meetings and the need for whiteboarding in a physical space.

Where the magic happens — your canvas

Replace your whiteboard and maximize project visibility by collecting and organizing all your information in one place. It’s easy and intuitive to use.

The most advanced collaboration experience

Say goodbye to Skype. Just send an invite to your workspace and start collaborating, anytime, anywhere. Even if you’re not in the same room.

Make your current tools more powerful with BeeCanvas

BeeCanvas doesn't try to compete with your current tools. It adds value to them by integrating and sharing features seamlessly. (Coming soon!)

At BeeCanvas, securing your data is our highest priority
Over 120,000 people including organizations trust us with some of their most important work. To offer the best protection BeeCanvas is hosted on AMAZON EC2, the world’s premier cloud, and is protected with a 2048-bit RSA encryption.
BeeCanvas serves as a whiteboard for graphic and visually driven projects, with a ‘refrigerator’ to store important elements or items. It’s like Google docs for designers, artists, and those working on visual projects.
Works across all devices
BeeCanvas keeps everybody on the same page. Whether you’re at your desktop, or on the go with our mobile app, you can stay connected to your team.

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BeeCanvas | The All-In-One Visual Workspace