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visual workspace.

Combine your notes, files, links and sketches into one place.
It’s the next office software for individuals and teams.

Synced with mobile app Video/Audio chat Real-time collaboration

The future of work.

"I used to collaborate on Messenger, but when there was a communication problem I always had to make a call or schedule a meeting. With BeeCanvas, I communicate more effectively. I can exchange music files, images, and memos, all in real time and without extra meetings."
Daniel Kang
CEO, Gudak
100,000+ users all over the world are already using BeeCanvas and creating amazing outcomes.
BeeCanvas serves as a whiteboard for graphic and visually driven projects, with a ‘refrigerator’ to store important elements or items. It’s like Google docs for designers, artists, and those working on visual projects.

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BeeCanvas – All-in-one visual workspace