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Make your own visual workspace.

Real-time whiteboards allow you to collaborate as if you’re in the same room. It’s the easiest way to express your thoughts, share your ideas, and communicate with your team.

100,000+ users all over the world are already using BeeCanvas and creating amazing outcomes.

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Work with anyone, anytime, anywhere

We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why BeeCanvas offers you a unified visual workspace for your next project. No matter where you are, you can review and optimize your visual content together.

Visual workspace

Collect and organize everything. Simply drag and drop to add images, documents, links and even your favorite Youtube videos.

Real-time collaboration

No more back-and-forth emails. Collaborate and communicate live with your team even from a distance.

Secure cloud storage

Your data is secure. BeeCanvas is hosted on AMAZON EC2, the world’s premier cloud, and protected with 2048-bit RSA encryption.

Reinventing creative work.

"I used to collaborate on Messenger, but when there was a communication problem I always had to make a call or schedule a meeting. With BeeCanvas, I communicate more effectively. I can exchange music files, images, and memos, all in real time and without extra meetings."
Daniel Kang
CEO, Gudak
BeeCanvas serves as a whiteboard for graphic and visually driven projects, with a ‘refrigerator’ to store important elements or items. It’s like Google docs for designers, artists, and those working on visual projects.

Collaborate Without Limits.

BeeCanvas keeps everybody on the same page. Whether you’re at your desktop, or on the go with our mobile app, you can stay connected to your team.


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