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BeeCanvas — Visual Workspace

We know your ideas are more than just words

All of your ideas in one visual space. It's the easiest way to express thoughts and communicate clearly with your entire team.
Now you can collect and organize all of your information—images, documents, links, and YouTube videos—in one place. BeeCanvas brings out the best in your meetings and brainstorming.
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Centralize scattered information
Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube—whatever tools you're using, BeeCanvas will simplify your workflow and centralize your diverse information.
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Share & Collaborate in real-time
BeeCanvas is a real-time visual collaboration tool. Collaborate with your team, whether desktop, but iPhone, or iPad users. Everyone can be together with the BeeCanvas App.
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BeeCanvas serves as a whiteboard for graphic and visually driven projects, with a ‘refrigerator’ to store important elements or items. It’s like Google docs for designers, artists, and those working on visual projects.

Music is more than just an assortment of sounds. The visualization of images and videos plays a vital role in deeply connecting with music. BeeCanvas allows me to collect and share a variety of visual resources and music in one place, allowing me to touch people with a visual music presentation.

Listen ‘JI BARK - Sarmaritan girl’
Film composer
Kim Ki Duk films, as Spring Summer Fall Winter … and Spring & Samaria.
the Jerry Goldsmith Awards at 23 to become the first Asian recipient
Use Case
45,000+ users all over the world are already using BeeCanvas and creating amazing outcomes.

Easy and intuitive, and as practical as a whiteboard, BeeCanvas is ready to help.
Starting a new project is tough, but you can't get where you need to be without challenges. Let BeeCanvas make the whole process easier.