What we’ve built

Since its establishment in 2014, Osiris Systems has developed cloud-based software dedicated to businesses and artists. Osiris Systems is now offering services for a whiteboard-based visual collaboration tool called BeeCanvas and committed to research and development to provide diverse solutions.

What we value

Tools have contributed to our history by allowing us to overcome our biological limits and make our world a better place. Excavators make it possible even for a small child to exercise great power and bicycles allow us to move faster than wild beasts.

As modern society began, personal computers created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak from Apple gave us power to overcome our physical and even mental limits. We have always overcome our limits and created values with tools. Tools are the source of a transcendent power unavailable to other species.

However, the information revolution caused those tools to lose their own features. Tools in this digital era do not give us power, but are rather a means of control. 'Control' became a measure of productivity in order to prevent loss in our work caused by the conversion from analog to digital.

We refuse the age of tools that considers us subjects to be 'controlled' and instead try to make a tool that can make our vales transcendent. We deliberate to create tools like bicycles that make us move faster than wild beasts. We want to develop such tools constantly and provide them to the world.


Osiris Systems Inc, Since 2014

Our mission is to create tools that help people create values beyond their limits. Tools have always been a part of our history. Without the piano, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and other great artists wouldn't have been able to make their achievements. Osiris Systems will contribute to the world by creating tools with which people can reinterpret and realize their own values.
Raymond Hong
Jake Kyung
Software Engineer
Steve Jung
Software Engineer
Ralph Bu
Software Engineer
Chilakamarri Sriteja
Software Engineer
Seomin Kim
Software Engineer
Kyungjae Ye
Junior Engineer
Daniel Kang
Overseas Partner
Jay Park


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Company History

  • 2014.05No.1 to SMBA Smart Venture Institute. (USD $100K)
  • 2014.06Established JOKERPACK Inc.
  • 2014.12Won grand prize at Smart Venture Institute Demo Day
  • 2015.02SK Planet’s Incubator program '101 STARTUP KOREA'
  • 2015.02Invested by Hanwha S&C and angel investors (USD $230K)
  • 2015.05TOP 20 at BeGlobal 2015 Startup
  • 2015.06TOP 20 KOTRA Creative Startup Korea 2015
  • 2015.06TOP 1 at BetaPitch | Seoul
  • 2015.06Accelerate Korea in Berlin (Apora ventures)
  • 2015.06Skyland Ventures Fest Tokyo Startup Battle TOP 10
  • 2015.07Won the 2nd place at Rising Expo 2015 in Seoul
  • 2016.06Changed company name from JOKERPACK to Osiris Systems

Board of Directors

Raymond Hong
CEO and Co-founder
Jake Kyung
Hanwha S&C
Kingsley Ventures

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Our Activity

Betapitch | Global
Berlin, Germany
Pirate Summit 2015
Cologne, Germany
Rising Expo 2015
Tokyo, Japan
SXSW 2016
Austin, United States
B Dash Camp 2015
Kyoto, Japan
BeGlobal 2015
Seoul, South Korea

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