Our mission is to help you achieve great outcomes, by reinventing the way you work, from articulating ideas to collaboration and expression.

We believe people have the power to achieve greater outcomes than they expect, no matter where they work, who they work with, or what challenges they face. Think, articulate, and collaborate visually. Visual collaboration is the body language of digital collaboration; going beyond language, custom, and context.

We built it because we needed it.

When we initiated our startup, BeeCanvas was not our original idea. Back then, without an office, we simply worked at this or that cafe. Working remotely was a real challenge. Syncing our thoughts and communicating effectively was tough. We realized we needed something new: a platform that seamlessly integrated a virtual whiteboard and a meeting room through the cloud.

Four years later, BeeCanvas enables remote teams to be just as productive as if they were sitting in the same room. At BeeCanvas, you will shape the future of collaboration.

Let’s make a dent in the universe together!

We’re looking for great people to achieve this mission.